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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

A variety of tailor-made solutions to serve your business.

Business Restructuring

During difficult times Fun and Finance Group can transform an organization into more profitable and operational. We can design solutions that will transform business in all aspects. Business restructuring might require changing internal processes and structures, re-building infrastructure, improving internal culture, and thinking. Following our planning and business restructuring techniques, we can make the change easily and quickly.

Setting up new companies

Fun and Finance Group can design, develop, and organize everything that a company needs to be operational. Setting up new companies requires company registration, administration, legal issues, website design, branding, promotion. It requires a good knowledge of the rules regulations, laws, financial and corporate services. Our network of business associates and partners includes various kinds of consultants, who can work with you and deliver all services to help you set up a new company.

Selling of a Business

At Fun and Finance, we can help you sell your business. We can identify the best investment opportunities internationally through our extensive network of business partners and associates. We can suggest which solutions best fit your criteria for selling your business, and we make it work. We evaluate your business, we make changes, if necessary, we plan and prepare everything needed by law for a successful transfer.

Human Resources - HR services

We can be your HR advisor. With our vast expertise in different organizational structures, we can organize, manage, and plan HR practices. Fun and Finance Group can evaluate, train, and develop important employers and employees. We provide private and personal seminar programs, and with a combination of our experience in technology, we offer HR solutions to make things better, easier and more productive for you and your business.