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Marketing and PR

Marketing and PR

Cutting-edge advertising, marketing and PR strategies.

Marketing & PR

We can help you with your offline and online marketing and PR strategies. Whether you are new in business or whether you need digital support or have problems to catch up with technology and online market trends, we are here to assist you. We can evaluate your current marketing and PR methods, analyze your target market, and develop a new communication strategy to adapt to the latest trends. Our purpose is not merely to satisfy our clients but to awaken feelings and create needs. Together we can make it work.


At Fun and Finance, we organize structured seminars to help clients improve and develop certain skills. We support employers and understand their lack of time to spend on personal or on their employees´development. We are here to give solutions.

We design tailored training programs and group seminars for large organizations, private investors, and entrepreneurs for different industries. We use specific technics to evaluate the client. If necessary, we incorporate information technology solutions to make things work better.