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Creative and Design

Creative and Design

Fresh ideas in design to deliver a truly 'WOW' user experience.


Our creative team consists of young, energetic, and highly creative designers with fresh and innovative ideas. From print design to creative website design, software, or application design, our creative team consists of inspiring minds that know the market well.

They keep updated on the latest trends, and they are familiar with what the clients need. With our fresh design ideas and digital knowledge, our team is committed to delivering not just a simple design, but a package of unique client experiences in a fast-paced digital world.

Print Design

Our creative team of designers can help you create the best print designs for your service or product. Our team can discuss with you, analyze your needs, and consult your company with clever and creative ideas.

Print designs involve anything from stationery, business cards, flyers, posters, giveaways, and other printing ideas. By designing a visual concept that creates feelings and interaction with the client, is always the best approach for winning the clients´ trust. And this is what we do at Fun-and-Finance.

User Experience

Our web designing team consists of graphic designers, marketers, and web developers. Everybody is working together to produce the best result according to our clients´needs.

We can assist you in making your website look fresh and new, or we can create it from scratch. We have ideas that are incredibly creative for those clients who dare to go extreme. We develop ideas that can be interactive and funny, or we can even create designs that can match the more corporate and serious clients. We love to create For Fun´s Sake.

User Experience Design UX/UI

We give great attention to end-users attitudes, and we respect their expectations. We try to understand our clients´needs and try to create the best digital experiences for their users.

As a team, we are engaged to deliver the best solution in terms of creativity, design, and user experiences. Therefore we search, we test, we analyze, and we digitally design a product that will not only match our clients´ expectations and their business needs but will also speak their users´ language. Our passion for creating comes from our clients´passion for working with us. Our main aim is for our clients to be satisfied with the results in a way that they can also inspire their customers.