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5 Do’s for a perfect design for your business

We all like to look at something beautiful, be it a picture, object, logo or website. Beautiful things captivate our eyes and hearts and make us remember them. This comes extra important when designing your brand, website or product, as you want people to choose and remember you among the others.

Hence, you excitedly head to a designer. But after the first drafts, disappointment creeps in, as they are nowhere close to what you have in your head. How can you prevent this from happening or at least minimize the chance of disappointment? Read on!  

Our design team has collected 5 main Do’s for you as a client – keep them in mind whenever you order a new design and you are set for success! 

#1. Think about your brand

What vision and what values do you want your brand to communicate? Write them down. 

#2. Who is your ideal customer? 

How old is he? What are his interests? His problems? 

#3. Value of your brand 

How is your brand different from your competitors? What benefits do you have? 

#4. Visualize the look 

Do some internet surfing for logos, product and web design. Decide what you like and don’t like, write that down. 

#5. Color scheme 

Do you have a preferred color or color scheme? Write 2-3 possible combinations. 

These are 5 crucial things to consider before ordering design services. With proper preparation, you will make a stellar market entrance and win the hearts of your audience! 



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